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Project of forecasting of urban sea and river flooding

Banyuls and Argelès-sur-Mer, Occitanie (France)


Client : Région Occitanie

Date of completion : 2020-2023

Globocean, associated to its industrial partner Seanaps-Advanced, has been awarded funding for the realization of a project of forecasting of marine submersion and river flooding, bidding at a call for project emitted by the region 'Occitanie' in the South of France. This project has been including the installation in both cities of Banyuls and Argelès-sur-Mer of an urban totem for information and education of the local population and tourists about the coastal hazards.

In this context, the missions performed by Globocean have been :

  • The implementation of a numerical model of sea water and river flooding (software Telemac2D)

  • The modelling of maritime forcing in forecast (sea states models + Eurocode formulations for the estimation of overtopping flows)

  • The integration of forecasts of rainfall rates and river flows as inputs in the flooding modelling

  • The development of a routine prediction system for the automatic execution of the computing processing

  • The installation of the routine prediction system and all the softwares in a remote server, with automatic sending of resulting flooding maps in forecast

Mouth of the river Baillaury at Banyuls
Mouth of the river Baillaury at Banyuls

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