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Assessment of extreme cyclonic swell for the mapping of wave submersion hazard in French Polynesia

Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora-Bora (French Polynesia)


Client : BRL Ingénierie

Date of completion : 2021

For the elaboration of a hazard mapping of wave submersion in several island of French Polynesia, Globocean performed a specific cyclonic study based on dedicated numerical modelling and wind and wave observations by satellite.

The following steps were performed for this study:

  • Assessment of synthetic extreme cyclones by bi-variate extreme analysis (KDE iso-probable curves)

  • Elaboration of the cyclonic atmospheric structure (parametric model of Holland)

  • Modelling of the offshore cyclonic swell (software WaveWatchIII)

  • Validation against satellite observations of cyclonic waves

  • Modelling of the propagation of the cyclonic waves around the islands (software SWAN)

Definition of the study locations around Moorea island
Definition of the study locations around Moorea island


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