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Natural coastal hydrodynamic processes may generate risks for infrastructures and human being.

These natural coastal processes such as the action of waves, winds, and currents may over the course of time, or in extreme conditions, cause flooding, erosion, or sediment accumulation along the coastline. The climate change and the sea level rise expected as a consequence will make the coastline even more sensitive and vulnerable in the next few years. Areas of low altitude and under socioeconomic pressure (dense dwelling and/or commercial activity) will be at risk and need anticipation for future sustainable solutions and permanent watch.

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Whatever your area of interest around the world, GLOBOCEAN assists you for the study of your project layouts or for the supervision of these risks.

Through the implementation of numerical models and methodologies dedicated to each single study location, GLOBOCEAN provides you with the requested environmental information you need for the management of the coastal risks.

  • Erosion

  • Sediment transport

  • Submersion

  • Coastline evolution

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