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Usual & Extreme wave assessment for the layout of the harbour as a hub for offshore wind turbines

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

La Turballe (FRANCE)


Client : BRLi

Date of completion : 2019

In the context of the development of a wind turbine hub to support the expansion of offshore commercial wind farms, Globocean has performed a metocean desktop study in order to design the protection structures of the harbour of La Turballe and to check the operability of the dedicated berths.

The following steps were successively performed :

  • Offshore wave modelling (WaveWatchIII software)

  • Configuration and execution of a nearshore wave propagation model (SWAN Software)

  • Validation of the wave propagation model against wave measurements (Candhis buoy network)

  • Sensitivity of the wave propagation to the tidal levels and currents

  • Propagation of swell and wind-sea extreme and usual scenarios

Nearshore wave propagation
Nearshore wave propagation


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