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Extreme sea-states, wave disturbance, and sediment dynamics studies for the design of the harbour

Updated: Jun 29, 2023



Client : MDC Ingénierie

Date of completion : 2018 - 2020

For the design of the new harbour of Dakhla (Morocco), GLOBOCEAN has conducted metocean studies for the assessment of the extreme waves expected for the design of the breakwaters, of the wave disturbance within the harbour basins and the assessment of operability at berth, and of the sediment dynamics for the harbour maintenance and the evaluation of its impact in the vicinity.

The different steps followed for the realization of this study, based on numerical modelling, are listed herebelow:

  • Numerical simulation of the offshore waves (WaveWatchIII software)

  • Extreme wave propagation up to the harbour structures and along the causeway (SWAN software, unstructured)

  • Modelling of wave agitation within the harbour basins (ARTEMIS software)

  • Numerical simulations of the hydro-sediment dynamics in order to assess the extreme currents expected along the harbour structures and its causeway, as well as the sea bottom changes (CMS-FLOW software)

  • Assessment of the impact of the harbour on the coastline in the vicinity, detection of schemes of erosion or accumulation of sediments (GENESIS software)

Simulation of current patterns for navigation studies
Simulation of current patterns for navigation studies


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