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  • Assessment of the wind and wave regimes for the design of offshore wind turbines

    Port La Nouvelle (FRANCE) Client : CREOCEAN Date of completion : 2020 For the design study of a wind farm off Port-La-Nouvelle in the Western Mediterranean Sea, Globocean has provided the site specific wind and wave statistical conditions. The following steps have been successively realized for the realization of this study : Modelling of the offshore sea-states in the Gulf of Lion (WaveWatchIII software) Validation of the offshore wave modelling against offshore buoys (buoy MétéoFrance #61002 and buoy installed on the project site) Comparison against other pre-defined wave databases in grid point (IOWAGA) Uni-variate and Bi-variate extreme analysis of winds and waves (EVA process and KDE iso-value contours) Usual statistical analysis NSS Spectral analysis

  • Study of spreading of a thermal plume for an industrial process

    LNG Terminal of FOS CAVAOU (FRANCE) Client : CREOCEAN Date of completion : 2021 - 2022 Globocean has performed a study of thermal spreading in order to ensure that the colder water rejected by an industrial process of re-gasification does not impact the biocenosis of the Gulf of Fos sur Mer. The different steps followed for the realization of this study, based on numerical modelling, are the followings: Modelling of the offshore sea-states (WaveWatchIII software) Wave propagation nearshore (SWAN software) Numerical simulation of the tidal streams and wind driven currents (TELEMAC 3D software) Validation of the hydrodynamic modelling thanks to current and temperature in-situ measurements Study of the spreading of the thermal plumes according to different pre-defined meteorological scenarios (TELEMAC 3D software)

  • Study of the sediment transport for the coastline protection

    Bay of Bandol (FRANCE) Client : ICTP / Mairie de Bandol Date of completion : 2022 In the purpose of the preparation of works for the coastline protection of the city of Bandol in France, Globocean has performed a diagnosis of the nearshore approaches and a study of the beaches dynamics. The different steps of study realization are the followings : Diagnosis of the coastline moves along the years (through satellite images) and the sea bottom changes (through bathymetric surveys) Modelling of the offshore sea-states (software WaveWatchIII) Wave propagation in the bay of Bandol for different swell scenarios (software SWAN) Simulation of the wave induced currents and trends of erosion or sand accumulation for the 4 beaches of the Bay of Bandol (softwares TELEMAC 3D and SYSIPHE module) Recommendations about protection measures to undertake for the coastline preservation

  • Usual & Extreme wave assessment for the layout of the harbour as a hub for offshore wind turbines

    La Turballe (FRANCE) Client : BRLi Date of completion : 2019 In the context of the development of a wind turbine hub to support the expansion of offshore commercial wind farms, Globocean has performed a metocean desktop study in order to design the protection structures of the harbour of La Turballe and to check the operability of the dedicated berths. The following steps were successively performed : Offshore wave modelling (WaveWatchIII software) Configuration and execution of a nearshore wave propagation model (SWAN Software) Validation of the wave propagation model against wave measurements (Candhis buoy network) Sensitivity of the wave propagation to the tidal levels and currents Propagation of swell and wind-sea extreme and usual scenarios

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